HANNAH campbell-anderson

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What type of services do you offer?


We are what you call a, “partial coordination company” (don't worry, we’ll explain). To break it down, we don't do "full service planning" or "month of" or "day of". This means we won't be at your dress fitting, tasting your cake or your meeting with the florist. We also won’t come in at the last minute and make sense of what you've put together on your own, in the nick of time for you to walk down that aisle. Instead, we are the perfect happy medium between these options and a service we feel most of our clients need. As your “Day of Gal” we are your coach, your project manager, and your sherpa to guide you through this journey. We are yours from the day you sign your contract up through to your big day. You will be in full control of the big things like hiring all your own vendors and setting your budget, but we will be the sage that guides you through the planning process, makes sure you dot your ‘I’s’ and cross your ’T’s’, and then bears the heavy load when the final stretch is near. To help you get started we will provide you with our cloud based Day of Gal folder which contains a successful planning process and a little bit of homework that we've created just for you. From vendor referrals to tracking your decor to your timeline- we’ve got you covered! We can monitor your progress at anytime and help you with anything you’re having trouble with. Closer to the big day we will attend your walk thru, and have a face to face timeline flow meeting where we cover every inch of the day! We will coordinate all your vendors two weeks out, run your rehearsal and your big day, all the while answering any questions you may have and pointing you in the right direction. We’re a perfect blend of coordinating and planning to help you when you need it most, but give you the space to do your thing too.


Describe your ideal client


People who love a little homework and a to-do list to check off! Fun loving and ready for the best day of their lives! *destination weddings aren't such a bad thing either ;) We love an excuse to go to beautiful places


What do you love about weddings?


No matter how many we've done, the ceremony and the toasts get me teary every time. And watching the dance floor... everyone's got a crazy Uncle Earl with crazy moves!



Photography by The Gathering Season x weareleoandkat