HAUTE mobile disco - Michelle Sinclair & Aubrey Henderson

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What type of services do you offer?


We offer bespoke music packages building sound systems and playlists around the client's needs and music style. Basically DJs, live music and sound system to rock the party.


Describe your ideal client


Our ideal client is not only someone that is excited to have us be a part of their event but also someone that we can talk music with. We love finding a music connection with people and then getting to play their favorite jam in the middle of their own party.


What do you love about weddings?


Our favorite thing about DJing weddings is that everyone is there to have a good time. Not to be cool or be a music snob, but to have fun. By the time the dancing portion of the night comes around everyone is ready to party and we love to be there to make it happen.


Is there anything you want our clients to know about you? Tell us something random, fun, interesting, anything!


One of the fun packages we started offering is live musicians playing alongside the DJs. This has allowed for the collective to play together and create live remixes of songs. It can really bring the party to the next level at the right time of night.


Photography by The Gathering Season x weareleoandkat