Photo taken by  Peter & Emily Kappen .

Photo taken by Peter & Emily Kappen.

We're Leo and Kat. We've been married for eleven years, and have been photographing weddings for more than half of that time. As wedding photographers, we find joy in documenting intimate weddings as observers, and and are constantly inspired by couples who truly celebrate getting married and being together.

Photographing people in love, it's natural for us to be emotionally invested in each and every wedding story that we document, as we sincerely believe that being so will let us create a body of work that has meaning to us, and most importantly, to you.

Our journey has taken us to the golden coast of Santa Barbara, the hustle and bustle city of New York, the recently gentrified Arts District of Los Angeles; and many places and stories in between.

We hope that you enjoy looking through our work. Each were unique and personal, as it will be for you. 



Photos taken by Alyssa Armstrong.