Choosing an engagement session location



The location of a photograph can say a million words about a couple. You just got engaged and you're thinking, "how and where do we document this amazing milestone?" We love answering this question because it allows the couple to start to tell their story and it gives us a better understanding of who they really are. With this in mind, we are dedicating this post to a few tips we have to help you choose a location that's best for you - we'll even cover what to wear and how to prep for the session. Sound like fun? Wahoo! keep on scrollin' then.



How do we decide on a location?

A great place to start: Where do you spend your days off together? Do you take a day trip out of the city to see some nature or do you hit DTLA for a day of museums, food and beer? Maybe you're homebodies and you like to have a casual chill day at home or in your neighborhood. The best tip we can give out is to pick something that feels natural - pick a place that you can let loose, relax and have a good time. And remember, this session is all about celebrating and documenting the damn fine time of being engaged :) 



What do we wear?

Good question ;) First off, picking your location will help you pick what to wear. Remember that being comfortable and feeling good in your own skin should be your first priority. With that said, photos tend to look more visually stunning when you dress according to the environment you choose - if you're in nature, chose colors that compliment your surrounding. If you opt for an urban environment, choosing a dressier outfit can help to balance out the edgier city feel. Another pro tip: Layers can be a great and easy way to change your look up. If you plan on doing an outfit change or two, keep in mind that not all locations will have a proper changing area. Think of 'complimenting' and not 'matching.' Avoid loud colors or patterns on the clothing, it might be too distracting. And no logos or slogans on clothing, either. 



Can we do anything to prep for our engagement session? 

Yes! There are plenty of things to be done pre-engagement session. We love to tell our couples to spend some time in front of the mirror. Practice thinking about your posture and remember to relax while taking photographs. 

Timing is everything! Keep in mind when scheduling your engagement session that best time to take photos tends to be before sunset or before sunrise. Consider the mood you are going for and schedule accordingly - we're always happy to help with this decision! Important note: It's best to be a bit early to the session vs. a little late as lighting is sensitive and limited. The right light is a photographer + couples BFF.

Ladies! If you plan on having professional make up on your wedding day, the engagement session is a great time to schedule your make-up trial day. 

Most importantly, this is a session about YOU, and your love story. Be relaxed and just be yourselves. Have fun!

Don't think of it as a photo session. Think of it as just any other normal day of the two of you hanging out, doing what you love to do the most.





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